Sunday Fit Day: Claremont Loop

Claremont Loop 1 copy

This morning my boyfriend, his family and I hiked the Claremont Wilderness Loop in Claremont, CA. I’ve never been on this trail before, but it’s a local favorite and we thought we’d try it together. I’m happy to say that it turned out to be a great workout and bonding experience for the family.

The trail starts on North Mills Avenue and although there are two parking lots, we had to park in a residential area nearby due to all the visitors. It was pretty crowded, but I was told that’s normal for a weekend.

There were four adults and three children in our group. The youngest was in a stroller, and boy did that intensify the hike. The adults would take turns pushing the stroller uphill. It was a complete body workout! I felt the burn in my thighs, calfs, core and arms.

The two children on foot were able to keep pace, but after five miles they were quite tired like the rest of us. I definitely recommend this trail for families who like the outdoors or just want to accomplish something together.

I can’t wait until the next family hike!