Simply Fit Meal: Crab Salad


All of my favorite foods mixed together! I love making this easy and yummy salad for work. In a medium size bowl, I mixed chopped Persian cucumbers, cilantro, crab meat and cherry tomatoes with lots of lemon. I’ll even add avocado if I have some in my kitchen. Yum!


Simply Fit Meal: Sushi Bowl

Simple Fit Meal: Sushi Bowl

Who doesn’t love sushi? The photo is of my favorite homemade sushi bowls. Though it may not be the healthiest thing to eat because of the sodium, it’s better than grabbing something fatty from your fridge. Think of it as your own kind of Asian ceviche.

Quinoa – high protein, low in fat, fiber
Avocado – unsaturated fat, Vitamin E, Magnesium
Carrots – anti-oxidants, Vitamin A
Cucumbers – Vitamin B, great for hydration and digestion
Dried Seaweed – anti-oxidants, high in sodium (be careful)
Pickled Ginger – great for digestion, used to cleanse the palate