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Do you…ZUMBA?


When I first heard about the Zumba classes being offered in my area, I was really hesitant to join. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good cardio workout any day – but I’m no dancer and wasn’t eager to bust out my awkward dance moves in public.

After hearing great reviews about the studio, I couldn’t help but grab my mom and convince her to join me for an evening class. With no rhythm and two left feet, I definitely felt out of my comfort zone. It was as if I was learning how to move my hips for the very first time and they were no Shakira.

 Even after the many failed attempts to perfect the feet work, I couldn’t help but notice that I was having a lot of fun. It’s been seven months since my first Zumba workout and now I go to the studio two to three times a week! Zumba has become my new guilty pleasure.

Zumba is one of the most intense cardio workouts I have ever done and the amount of sweat I am lathered in after a class proves it. You know how a girl looks after she’s been dancing in a stuffy overcrowded club for a few hours? Well think of that times ten. As my instructor Martha says, every class really does feel like a party.

Though I still don’t think I have improved my dancing skills, the constant booty bouncing, hip shaking, body rolling dance moves have certainly enhanced my figure. Martha incorporates a lot of toning exercises into her routines that concentrate on the abs, thighs, arms and glutes. I have seen amazing results for her routines and really feel like I’ve worked my butt off when I leave her classes.

I recommend women and men of all ages and sizes to try a Zumba class in their area. Nothing beats working out and having fun all at the same time!