Simply Fit Meal: Tuna & Egg Salad


As a Pescetarian, I’m always trying to find new ways to add protein to my diet. I recently came across this article on called Build Muscle on a Budget, which inspired me to make a simple Albacore Tuna and Egg Salad. I mixed the canned tuna chunks with one chopped hard boiled egg, chopped celery and pickles, and mustard. Topped this mixture on some lettuce and Voilà!

What I learned:
Canned tuna has 40g of protein per can and whole eggs have about 7g of protein per egg!


Simply Fit Meal: Crab Salad


All of my favorite foods mixed together! I love making this easy and yummy salad for work. In a medium size bowl, I mixed chopped Persian cucumbers, cilantro, crab meat and cherry tomatoes with lots of lemon. I’ll even add avocado if I have some in my kitchen. Yum!